TwentyFive - Knowledge Base

The Knowledge Base on TwentyFive is a collection of knowledge and links on and about the personality model. In addition to information and books, it contains tips on many practical applications.

TwentyFive is a model of thinking and understanding. It describes the personality in different dimensions and from different perspectives with the aim of making our innermost being understandable in all its vitality and with the natural conflicts.

Every human being is an individual personality with different forces. It is a multitude of characteristics with which we differ from each other. We start from a positive view of human beings when we ask about existential needs. TwentyFive wants to encourage people to take themselves and their fellow human beings seriously.

TwentyFive wants to motivate positively. It looks ahead and asks what should be achieved today and in the future.

Additional sections of the Knowledge Base give hints and information on further analyses for texts and language, for example for Sentiment, VAKOG, … Checklists. These form supplements to the TwentyFive analyses.


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The Tools of sense.AI.tion GmbH provide options for using TwentyFive in everyday work. These facilitate processes of recruiting, personnel management, personnel management. In addition, the tools make communication transparent, understandable and bring you closer to customers and partners.